6éme Edition du Pirate's Last Saturday

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Starting rank

1Abdelaziz Tinhinane7912170ALG1538N.B. Mohammadia
2Mazouz Nouha7943490ALG1320N.B. Mohammadia
3Kassa Amine7929374ALG1237
4Mazouz Nesrine7943482ALG1078N.B. Mohammadia
5Lagab Sonia7937164ALG1071E.S. Tizi Ouzou
6Bouldja Madjid7943423ALG1051N.B. Mohammadia
7Sahraoui Sophia7927525ALG1034N.B. Mohammadia
8Ayat Rym7942451ALG0N.B. Mohammadia
9Ayat Talia7946350ALG0N.B. Mohammadia
10Bey Haroun IliyasALG0Ecole Racym
11Bey Ishak Mikhaial AdibALG0Ecole Racym
12Bouchekir Imene7929331ALG0
13Cheref Hadjer7937768ALG0N.B. Mohammadia
14Harouni Islam7937814ALG0
15Kassa Kamel7929382ALG0
16Laoudi Anes7946392ALG0
17Mazouz Mohamed Zakaria7944160ALG0N.B. Mohammadia
18Sahraoui Malik7946430ALG0N.B. Mohammadia
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