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16th Standard Major U 1800

Last update 08.08.2021 14:30:59, Creator/Last Upload: scotland chess federation (license 3)

Starting rank

1Browning IsaacSCO1703HampshireHawk
2Macnaughton AlistairSCO1670alimac61
3Coates SamSCO1640monkeyman888
4Seery PhilENG1633Philseery1
5Kante Kalyan Sai NandanSCO1623KANTE_CHESS
6McGillivray CalumSCO1580CalumM89
7Bobak CosmoSCO1547zoeyfish
8Blackford RossSCO1458Lancelot06
9De Santos AndrewENG1396desantosp
10Powles JonathanSCO1396JonPowles
11Nield ChristopherSCO1118nieldcfc
12Banchev SpasSCO0JackDogsson
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