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13th SCT Standard Weekend Open

Last update 02.05.2021 14:23:40, Creator/Last Upload: scotland chess federation (license 3)

Starting rank

1Gordon FrederickSCO1999FREDERICKtheMATE
2Browning IsaacSCO1692HampshireHawk
3Coates SamSCO1631Sam126
4McGillivray CalumSCO1629CalumM89
5Seery PhilipENG1624Philseery1
6Madhavan SanjithSCO1548duckling234
7Grosu SilvianSCO1527Silvian133
8Blackford RossSCO1476Lancelot06
9Flood RaySCO1370AlfyDoor
10Powles JonathanSCO1339Jonpowles
11Harley TrevorSCO1318Lyrurus
12De Santos AndrewENG1301desantosp
13Birnie WilliamSCO1203wbirnie
14McKinnon ScottSCO1182Hype71
15Haggerty AnthonySCO0roblox_fan007
16Steiners EmilsENG0SpeedElephant
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