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Schnellschach Rallye 9.v.

Last update 20.11.2019 22:25:14, Creator/Last Upload: kreutz josef

Starting rank

1Pregl Walter1610112AUT1961Absam
2Stolzlechner Andreas1624482AUT1801Olymp. Dorf Innsbruck
3Hofer Franz Dr.1612921AUT1683Bretze Hall In Tirol
4Janes Christian1615793AUT1667Steinach/Brenner
5Bruno Giuseppe1631284AUT1596Raiffeisen Wattens
6Kostic Zoran16248902GER1526Steinach/Brenner
7Schett Franz Mag.1611135AUT1521Völs & Hak Ibk
8Perkmann Gottfried1621483AUT1464Olymp. Dorf Innsbruck
9Egger Herbert1621840AUT1264Olymp. Dorf Innsbruck
10Akgün AytacAUT0Olymp. Dorf Innsbruck
11Blaas Werner1668811AUT0Olymp. Dorf Innsbruck