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Campionatul Municipiului Resita

Last update 28.11.2019 12:56:47, Creator/Last Upload: romanian chess federation (licence 29)

Starting rank

1NMGrozav Valeriu-Gheorghe1205854ROU2041Cs Muncitorul Resita
2ICalomfirescu Ioan1249959ROU1763Cs Talbot Resita
3IKorcsek Daniel-Cristian1250027ROU1718Csu Universitatea De Vest Timi
4IIStingu Alin1255150ROU1588Cs Muncitorul Resita
5IIDragoi Albert-Marian1268538ROU1531Cs Muncitorul Resita
6IICraciun Marin1249983ROU1487Cs Talbot Resita
7IISorca Gheorghe1281682ROU1441Cs Gloria Resita
8IIIDragila Ionut1255126ROU1435Cs Gloria Resita
9ACMTrandafir Bruno-Alexandru1250124ROU1403Cs Talbot Resita
10IIBradaci Ventel1262696ROU1341Cs Gloria Resita
11IIGassenheimer George1285050ROU1313Cs Talbot Resita
12IIVaduva Ion-Valentin1268570ROU1140Cs Talbot Resita
13IITeclis Anca-Maria1268562ROU1061Cs Gloria Resita
14FCFloare Lucian1282310ROU1001Cs Talbot Resita
15FCGavra Teodora-Maria1292927ROU1001Cs Talbot Resita
16FCGutu Catalin-Vlad-Aurelian1281690ROU1001Cs Talbot Resita
17FCSosdeanu Dimitrie-Mihai-Valerian1298720ROU1001Cs Muncitorul Resita
18FCTudora Caius1292617ROU1001Cs Talbot Resita