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Cupa "Sig-Mar", ed. a V-a, U14, nelegitimati, Sighetu-Marmatiei

Last update 18.11.2019 00:02:46, Creator/Last Upload: romanian chess federation (licence 24)

Starting rank

1Bodea AndreiROU1001Sighetu-M.
2Borlean FabianROU1001Sighetu-M.
3Iancau IanisROU1001Sighetu-M.
4Kraus IvanROU1001Sighetu-M.
5Negrea CarinaROU1001Sighetu-M.
6Tiran ElenaROU1001Sighetu-M.
7Ulici AntoniaROU1001Satu Mare
8Vlad BogdanROU1001Sighetu-M.
9Vlad DragosROU1001Sighetu-M.