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Olimpiada de Sah Faza locala Husi gimnaziu Fete

Last update 16.11.2019 16:30:27, Creator/Last Upload: cornelmariusursan

Starting rank

1IIScirlatescu Beatrice-Emilia1292331ROU1126Acs "gambit" Husi
2IIIScirlatescu Sabina-Larisa1292340ROU1099Acs "gambit" Husi
3IIIUrsan Elena-Maria1279548ROU1090Acs "gambit" Husi
4IIIBedreag Florina-Mihaela1279386ROU1089Acs "gambit" Husi
5IIIHudinia Nicoleta-Ioana-Irina1294768ROU1078Acs "gambit" Husi
6IIIHagiu Arianna-Andreea1279475ROU1059Acs "gambit" Husi
7IIIMihail Alexandra-Gabriela1292293ROU1052Acs "gambit" Husi
8IVCalciu Miruna-Luciana1294679ROU1046Acs "gambit" Husi
9IVGrecu Denisa-Maria1294741ROU1044Acs "gambit" Husi
10IVFrunza Ionela1294733ROU1039Acs "gambit" Husi
11IIICiobanu Elena-Claudia1292170ROU1037Acs "gambit" Husi
12FCGrecu Ionela-Ana-Maria1294750ROU1015Acs "gambit" Husi
13FCGheuca Cristiana-GeorgianaROU1001Acs "gambit" Husi
14FCLingea Andreea-CatalinaROU1001Acs "gambit" Husi
15FCOancea Emma-DonatelaROU1001Acs "gambit" Husi
16FCZota AngelaROU1001Acs "gambit" Husi
17Furtuna BiancaROU0
18Maftei TeodoraROU0
19Tirca BiancaROU0