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Last update 17.11.2019 12:38:37, Creator/Last Upload: romanian chess federation (licence 34)

Starting rank

1IIDragos Tudor1272608ROU1173Cs Dinamo Bucuresti
2IIISofronie Vladimir1296671ROU1155Cs Logic 64 Brasov
3IILefter Albert1272624ROU1152CS Dinamo Bucuresti
4IIITermure Horea-Vlad1299085ROU1118Cs Logic 64 Brasov
5IIDragos Victor1274465ROU1085Cs Dinamo Bucuresti
6IIIanchis David-Cristian1277588ROU1066Csm Bucuresti
7IVButa Mihai-Luca1293036ROU1061Cs Sah Club Brasov
8IVCrama David1283898ROU1020Cs Sah Club Brasov
9FCIorga Flavius Stefan1296639ROU1007Acs Lura Brasov
10FCTivga Stefan TudorROU1002Cs Logic 64 Brasov
11IVMiklos Gyorgy-Laszlo1256521ROU1001Cs Al Cn Aprily Lajos Brasov
12FCBratoloveanu Alexia1283863ROU1001Cs Sah Club Brasov
13FCCraciun Ioana-Maria1299352ROU1001Css Targu Mures
14FCGrajdeanu TudorROU1001Acs Logic 64 Brasov