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Pion Campion - November Edition (16 noiembrie 2019)

Last update 16.11.2019 12:53:13, Creator/Last Upload: napocensis

Starting rank

1IVladescu Alin-Cristian1216520ROU2121Acs Juvenes Targu Mures
2NMMiron Ionel1220675ROU1981Acs Napocensis Activ Cluj Napo
3IChibelean Calin-Nicolae1217950ROU1962Acs Juvenes Targu Mures
4CMNeacsu Mircea1282794ROU1898Acs Juvenes Targu Mures
5IDuma Ioan-Gheorghe1245236ROU1884Acs Juvenes Targu Mures
6IFerenczi Sandor-Levente1220314ROU1883Acs Juvenes Targu Mures
7IChiheri Alexandru-Virgil1277812ROU1840Acs Juvenes Targu Mures
8IVSzanto Ioan Cosmin1288075ROU1686Acs Juvenes Targu Mures
9IMoga Victor-Emilian1245295ROU1677Cs Maris 2003 Targu Mures
10IPapp Ferenc-Attila1205390ROU1575Cs Sah Club Potaissa Turda
11IICapota Radu-Mircea1277790ROU1571Acs Juvenes Targu Mures
12IDenes Attila-Norbert1260359ROU1485Acs Juvenes Targu Mures
13IVSerban Stefan1274740ROU1435Acs Juvenes Targu Mures
14IIChereches Marius-Calin1274236ROU1371Acs Juvenes Targu Mures
15IIIButuza Stefan Aurelian1294466ROU1138Css Targu Mures
16FCSerban Vasile-Petru42201004ROU1001Acs Juvenes Targu Mures
17FCSzasz AidaROU1001Css Targu Mures
18FCTatar Marius Lucian42201608ROU1001Css Targu Mures
19Szabo LeventeROU0