SNCL Division 1

Organizer(s)Glynis Grant
FederationScotland ( SCO )
Tournament directorAndu Howie
Chief ArbiterAndy Howie
Deputy Chief ArbiterFiona Petrie
Time control90+30
Number of rounds7
Tournament typeRound robin for teams
Rating calculationRating national, Rating international
Date2019/11/19 to 2020/03/29
Pairing programSwiss-Manager from Heinz HerzogSwiss-Manager tournamentfile

Last update 01.03.2020 20:31:22, Creator/Last Upload: Scotland chess federation (License 2)

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Starting rank

1IMBryson Douglas M24000732322SCOStepps1
2FMOlson Hamish24042572297SCOBon Accord A7
3FMRedpath Joe24013802281SCOEdinburgh West1
4IMPritchett Craig W24000652270SCOEdinburgh West2
5CMOphoff Jacques143010752253SCODundee A6
6FMAbdulla Murad24037572248SCOBon Accord A6
7IMMuir Andrew J24001382204SCOHamilton A6
8Bozinakis Pavlos42102982196GREDunfermline Knights1
9Grant Jonathan I M24002942194SCOEdinburgh West3
10CMBremner Adam24008472180SCOEdinburgh 12
11Farrell Neil R24005882173SCOEdinburgh West6
12FMBerry Neil M24006502158SCOEdinburgh 11
13IMOrr Mark J L25000352142IRLWandering Dragons A2
14Allor Chukwuka85009082136NGRStepps2
15Nolan Graeme A24013202130SCOStepps3
16Neave George24016302116SCOEdinburgh West4
17Findlay David J24002782109SCODundee A1
18Maxwell Daniel24032772106SCOBon Accord A1
19CMDunn Andrew4019602104ENGWandering Dragons A3
20Tweedie Christopher24016572073SCOHamilton A8
21Coffey Patrick4107642065SCOHamilton A9
22Hogg Stephen W24021222064SCODundee A2
23Brechin Hugh R24613072060SCOEdinburgh 13
24Lothian Robert24018352046SCOBon Accord A2
25Robertson Ian C24006852044SCODunfermline Knights2
26Wright Andrew G24083922032SCODundee A3
27Harwood Duncan J4175642025ENGBon Accord A4
28Spencer Edwin A24015682025SCODundee A4
29Turner Max N4477222018ENGWandering Dragons A1
30Gray Euan24051802017SCOBon Accord A3
31Gillies Alex24046211986SCOStepps4
32Mcquillan Stephen G24061101978SCOHamilton A1
33Skettos Nicolas59006701972CYPDunfermline Knights3
34Bell Alan D24022541970SCOEdinburgh West5
35Donohue Tom24019591959SCOHamilton A7
36Bhopal Raj24044431947SCOEdinburgh 14
37Rutherford Willie24010451935SCOEdinburgh 16
38Jennings Richard L24044351934SCOBon Accord A5
39Stocklose Sven143069481923RSAEdinburgh 17
40Hulme William24612931900SCOStepps5
41Ridge Michael24018941884SCOEdinburgh 15
42Macconnell David J24070351873SCOHamilton A2
43Babin Andre24038541865SCODundee A5
44Sloan Elliot S24036251853SCOWandering Dragons A4
45Heron Donald4162821847SCOWandering Dragons A5
46Taylor Ewan24025721842SCOWandering Dragons A6
47Mccusker Andrew24042811830SCOHamilton A3
48Kane Robert4204681815ENGEdinburgh 19
49Mccormack Derek24063061812SCOHamilton A4
50Sykes Chris24016491777SCOEdinburgh 18
51Saxton Gavin24017701763SCODunfermline Knights4
52Mcbride John24616331739SCODunfermline Knights5
53Muir Phil S24097041719SCOStepps6
54O`connor Jamie24094451646SCODunfermline Knights6
55Smith Calum V24007071603SCODunfermline Knights7
56Mulholland Arthur L24024751600SCOHamilton A5
57Forero Gonzalo24090461579SCODunfermline Knights8
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