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Fall Classic 2019

Last update 15.10.2019 04:05:44, Creator/Last Upload: dragonjoo

Starting rank

1Cox Valentine10400095BAH1809
2Ferguson Joseph10400109BAH1725
3CMSmall Byron10400044BAH1712
4WCMKarelina Polina10400222BAH1683
5Stuart Luke10400788BAH1612
6Whyms Chappell10400125BAH1569
7Stuart Clive10400761BAH1346
8Mart Aidan10401300BAH1222
9Davis William10400303BAH1631
10Darville Colman10401512BAH1400
11Darville Jerad10401547BAH1400
12Darville Kenise10401539BAH1400
13Deane Anthony10401520BAH1400
14Stuart Delroy10401423BAH1330
15Roberts Seth10401164BAH1248
16Pride Avian10401202BAH1115
17Dorelien Donte10401555BAH1100
18Roussos Olga10401466BAH1100
19Mckinney Kanye10401288BAH1076
20White Max10401326BAH1063
21Prince Hodari10401180BAH1051
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