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OMEL 42 (JUIN 2019)

Last update 08.06.2019 19:39:22, Creator/Last Upload: togo chess federation

Starting rank

1CMEphoevi-Ga Adama Mawulikplimi21200149TOG1839
2Amewounou Komlan Kouessan21200017TOG1742
3Numatsi Yawotsu Dzigba21200254TOG1669
4Botsoe Koffi21200025TOG1665
5Ajavon Ayayi Jean Le Clair21200394TOG1554
6Assagba Kodjo Mawuli21200211TOG1491
7De Souza David21201196TOG0
8De Souza Ivana Claudia Eyram21201200TOG0
9Diallo MamadouTOG0
10Etey Yaovi Agusto21201021TOG0
11Gbadamassi Aoussi AmiratouTOG0
12Kueviakoe Folly Cedric21201323TOG0
13Okoro Aderemi Bankole Mubarak21200483TOG0
14Semeko LumenTOG0
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