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Last update 20.01.2019 01:46:39, Creator/Last Upload: lcf_national

Starting rank

1FMDEGONDO Simplice Armel14306310CIV2141
2MANAN Yoboue Hermann20800061CIV2079
3CMMAMBE Lobognon Anderson20800070CIV1921
4GONTO Peled20800274CIV1843
5BLE Kouko Hubert20800088CIV1825
6KONAN Kouassi Augustin20800169CIV1775
7AMAN Eugene20800908CIV1762
8TRAH Jocelin Charles20800410CIV1695
9BAKAYOKO Mamadou20800533CIV1639
10KOUASSI Raoul Golly20800177CIV1575
11AKPA Amari Innocents20800487CIV0
12AMON Jean JoëlCIV0
13DOUE Bertin20801351CIV0
14NEAN Franck AndersonCIV0
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