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The final stage of chess tournament in Saudi Arabia

Last update 17.07.2018 20:16:55, Creator/Last Upload: fa yaser al otaibi

Starting rank list of players

2CMAl Ghamdi Ahmed M21500150KSA2163
8Bukannan Ahmed A21504164KSA1977
9CMMasrahi Abdulrahman A21501564KSA1962
5Al Zamel Khaled21500967KSA1918
1Al Thebaiti Ahmed M21502390KSA1894
3Alharbi ABdullah Matar21514950KSA1882
7Al Mutairi Abdullah F21500380KSA1859
4Alhasan Abutalib Z21502226KSA1789
10Alsulaymi Abdullah M21511390KSA1660
6Al Onizan Fahad M21501181KSA0