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Last update 31.08.2018 13:38:14, Creator/Last Upload: gilton mkumbwa

Starting rank

1Mwale Joseph16400135MAW2218
2Chipanga Chiletso16400119MAW2153
3Mphungu Gerrard20500220MAW2091
4Mfune Petros20500033MAW2034
5Nyambalo Joseph20500041MAW1996
6Foster Ken20502109MAW2007
7Mwale George20500254MAW2000
8Chimthere Alfred16400046MAW1987
9Chiwambo Stanford20500530MAW1945
10Maliro Dan20502095MAW1928
11Phiri Aaron20504152MAW1936
12Mawango Davie20500238MAW1911
13Chiona Richard20500882MAW1900
14Sharra Leonard20500149MAW1886
15Kamwendo Precious20500785MAW1857
16Jimu Fidelis20501692MAW1861
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