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Abha National Chess Classic Tournament

Last update 21.05.2018 23:12:14, Creator/Last Upload: fa yaser al otaibi

Starting rank

1Alhasan Abutalib Z21502226KSA1782
2Khayat Abdullah F21500460KSA1731
3Sulimani Yaser21502315KSA1715
4Matthary Nabil Rasheed21501815KSA1660
5Abdul hadi MohammadKSA0
6Al Awad Naser21510415KSA0
7Al Qahtani Yasser21510440KSA0
8Al Solami Jameel H21508224KSA0
9Al-Shahry Mohamed21512485KSA0
10Alasmari Hsel MohamadKSA0
11 Alsharef Emad YahyaKSA0
12Asiri Mohammed AhmedKSA0
13Marwy Ali21508321KSA0
14Safouq AlshummaryKSA0