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6th Bahamas National Chess Open

Last update 25.05.2015 00:36:14, Creator/Last Upload: bahamas chess federation

Starting rank

1CMMoncur Cecil10400583BAH1866
2Hanna Jr Philip10400559BAH1652
3Joseph Marfeeyou10400893BAH1615
4Stuart Luke10400788BAH1600
5Johnson Daijah10400591BAH1590
6Stuart Clive10400761BAH1503
7CMSmith Nathan61400220BAH1556
8Deal Edmund10400257BAH1432
9Sands David10400729BAH1308
10Sands Malik10400834BAH1303
11Smith Gurth10400710BAH1277
12Pinder Trinity10400818BAH1109
13Miller Samuel10400907BAH1076
14Paul Godwin10400800BAH1036
15Roxbury Caleb10400915BAH1004
16Farrington Ashley100400885BAH1000
17Strachan Ivoine10400842BAH971
18Celestin Wilbenson10400869BAH951
19Edmond Davonaye10400877BAH934
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