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New Providence Open 2014

Last update 19.01.2014 22:06:36, Creator/Last Upload: bahamas chess federation

Starting rank

1Knowles KendrickBAH1732
2Gali SandeepBAH1672
3Moncur CecilBAH1652
4Whyms ChappellBAH1610
5Hanna Jr PhilipBAH1600
6Lockhart KenvilleBAH1600
7Smith NathanBAH1600
8Higgs NathanielBAH1558
9Deal EdmundBAH1432
10Garraway ChazBAH1421
11Rahming MalcolmBAH1300
12Rahming DavidBAH1293
13Smith GurthBAH1290
14Rahming MatthewBAH1280
15Ellis RickiaBAH1100
16Johnson DaijahBAH1050
17Halkitis KiranBAH1023
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